Tatz Holmes is a Holistic Therapist,Medicine Woman, Fire & Dance Artist in Airlie Beach, Queensland

Sharing From Passion

I have spent much of my life on a stage and performing in one capacity or another and bring this element of myself into sharing my passion for creating change and helping people transform their lives.

I am a passionate speaker and paints pictures with my words that captivate, motivate and inspire my listeners into deeper contemplation that opens their minds and Hearts to different perspectives.

I bring my uniqueness to the stage to share my story so that I may inspire hope in others and be a living example that change and happiness is a choice.

I have created a specialized program to be offered to schools where I share my experience of childhood trauma, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse and how I overcame the suffering created through those experiences.  

I offer group programs for youth to open and create awareness and compassion in the hope of being the support for young people that I never had.

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