Tatz Holmes is a Holistic Therapist,Medicine Woman, Fire & Dance Artist in Mackay, Queensland
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Emerald Heart of Healing

The healing journey means that one must always come back to the Heart.  When we choose to live a Heart-centred life we offer ourselves into deeper connection with our higher selves that ripples out into our relationship with others and life itself. 

The Dreaming:

This oracle invites you to bring a deeper awareness to all that is required along your healing journey.  It is a call to drop from your head and into your Heart, letting go of the judgements; projections and limiting beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve or align with your higher purpose.  You are a Divine expression of Life regardless of your past experiences.  You are not defined by your journey or the ‘mistakes’ that you believe you have made along the way.  This oracle brings guidance to release yourself of the judgements and beliefs that you hold and allow your Heart to open to a deeper level of Truth and Love.

The more we align with the deeper Truth and Love that is the true essence of our Hearts, the more open we are to Unity Consciousness and our multidimensional connection with the whole.  As we cultivate the practise of Heart-centredness, we are cultivating the grace of Creation and we meet life with childlike curiosity and wonder.  We begin to see the world around us through a lens of innocence and purity, we begin to access what Zen calls beginners mind.  When we choose to live life from the space of beginners mind, we choose to let go of all that we think we know and embrace the mystery of the unknowable.  This allows us to meet each day anew, to flow with life and to hold our deeper awareness in our Hearts creating from Love.

The Healing:

Bring your awareness to your breath and allow your breath to deepen and soften (perhaps inhaling and exhaling for 5 seconds or whatever is comfortable for you).  Take a few breaths in this way until you feel yourself settle into flow.

Now bring your awareness to the centre of your chest, to your Heart and imagine that your breath is flowing in and out through your Heart.

As you are breathing through your Heart, imagine a green flame burning at the very centre of your being that grows and expands with every breath that you take.  Allow this flame to expand outwards, imbuing every cell of your body.  See this green flame move beyond your physical body and out into your energy body. 

Continue expanding the healing flame and feel this light as it connects with the healing power of Universal Love.  Draw this energy through your Heart and feel the Love of the Divine fill your entire Be~ing.

Stay with this as long as you need and know that you hold this healing light within you at all times and you simply need to breathe into it whenever you need.