What's In A Mindset

Updated: Oct 23, 2019


As many of you know that will be reading this, I have been following Dr Joe Dispenza for a number of years now and quote him and his work very often. I am deeply spiritual, yet I have always had this yearning for proof and confirmation of the things that I am believing in. As a child I grew up in a non-religious home and had the opportunity to explore religion and spirituality in whichever way I chose. When exploring Christianity, my young enquiring mind (like so many others I am certain) asked the following question, not happy to simply sit in blind faith … “If God created everything, then who created God?” I was not happy to simply leave that question there either … “And who created the God that created God? And who created the God that created the God that created God?” … and on I would go. I remember, again as a young child, contemplating the endlessness of the Universe and trying to push my awareness of this is far as I possibly could. I would end up absolutely freaking myself out and would have to pull myself back for fear of actually losing my mind. So I guess I have always had a far reaching mind that was never quite satisfied with the answers to my questions from those around me. I suppose this is why I love the evidence that Dr Joe brings to the table around the human psyche and our true potential.

To this day I carry this “rebelliousness” that will learn something, take what works for me and then mould and shape it to be my own. Being a rebel used to get me into trouble a whole bunch in my youth, but now, as I sit here typing these words, I see the WHY in this innate characteristic within me. I was born to push the norm, to push back at what was given in order to seek the deeper truth. I was never going to be satisfied with being taught that Love is the way forward and told to simply trust in that, I had to experience everything that Love is NOT in order for me to truly know Love, to truly experience it and allow it to become the essence within me that is my guiding light. I had to journey down into the deepest suffering, explore those realms and then say to myself, “Wow, this shit fucking sucks! I am changing my mind.”

So what is in a mindset?

How did I simply wake up one day, go about my day, get triggered into an old behaviour, stop dead in my tracks and say to myself, “I’m not doing this anymore!” The answer is not some deep spiritual moment of awakening where the lights of Heaven opened up before me and I was shown some magical being, it really is not profound at all … I just did, is the answer. I was simply tired of being in suffering, full stop. It’s exhausting work. Think about the times when you were wallowing within sadness, anger, depression (maybe you’re there now and maybe these words might sound harsh to you, but I assure you I mean no disrespect whatsoever, because I know these spaces so damn well!) … but truly think about it, how did you feel physically? Tired? Drained? No energy? Body heavy? Almost impossible to get yourself up to do ANYTHING? Not to mention the mental and emotional side on top of that. It is fucking tiring to be in a shit mindset.

What happens when you’re in a good mindset, when you’re feeling excited about life and everything is beautiful? You’re energized, sometimes even over-flowing! You are up and about. You are active. Your body feels light. You want to nurture your body and, would you believe it, you actually even WANT to exercise! I could keep going, but seriously, you already know all this.

So how do you change your mindest?

Are you ready for the most un-magical answer again? You JUST DO!

You wake up and you say to yourself, “I am going to have an amazing day. No matter what it brings.” You STOP allowing yourself to bitch and moan and complain about this, that and everything and everyone else. You STOP allowing yourself to see the negative in every so-called “bad” thing that happens and you actual find the silver lining in it. Maybe your car breaks down and you are stuck on the side of the road. A person stops and helps you, you have a chat while fixing your car and you realise that you needed to meet this person because of some reason or other and the only way it was ever going to happen was if your car broke down at that exact spot, that exact time (even though you missed your appointment or were late for work or whatever else) and so instead of getting stressed out and pissed off, you simply enjoy the present moment for what it is, no matter what it is.

So many people get annoyed for the most stupid, inane things … I was one of those, I still get frustrated when things aren’t going my way sometimes, especially when I’m hormonal 😉 … but this is what mindset is all about. Do I worry about things … yes, of course I still do, right now I am worried that I won’t get enough participants for my retreat that is happening in 3 weeks and I have some ladies that have already fully paid, and you know what? That money has long since gone on bills that needed to be paid. What am I afraid of? I am afraid of having to tell them that the retreat is postponed, and I don’t have the money to refund them right now. That’s the truth of it!

What’s my mindset here … well, to be honest I just openly expressed what is authentically occurring in my world. My mindset is to be in truth, and I do so by asking myself, “does this truly serve my greater good?” If the answer is no, then I do not engage in the unnecessary anymore. Mostly anyway.

You want to change your mindset? Then just fucking do it.

No excuses. None of this business of things being too hard, or saying that you’re not strong enough, or you don’t have enough will-power, or any other bullshit that we tell ourselves to make excuses for sitting in the same mediocre existence that we have always been in. You want an extraordinary life, then you HAVE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY. To be extraordinary you have to choose to be extraordinary every single day, every single moment that arises to offer you the opportunity to choose again, what do you do? You choose for yourself what is deepest serving highest truth for yourself. You choose bigger than you think you “deserve” because chances are you’ve set that bar far too low already. You get up every morning and you look yourself in the eye and you begin to open your eyes to the Magnificence that you are, and if you don’t believe it yet, you do it until you fucking do!

Every person that has ever achieved anything phenomenal, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically, trained themselves in all these ways (sometimes unaware that they were doing so) to have endurance, determination, resilience in the face of failing time and again until they got it. They practised and practised. People see me performing in fire shows and tell me I am talented, that may be so but that is only part of the parcel. I can tell you that I trained for hours to learn those moves, I have smashed myself in the face in the legs, the arms, hell all over my entire body in the past few weeks learning a new prop. My talent only lies in my creativity in putting the moves together and how I perform, the rest ... is discipline and training and fierce fucking determination to achieve all that I set out for myself in my Life.

How did I change? I dreamed of an extraordinary life and so I started doing everything and anything that made me feel extraordinary. With that I ask you, "How are you going to be today?"

Love & Blessings