The Simple Science Of The Mind

In my previous blog post I offered 3 simple, yet effective questions to ask yourself when working with shifting your beliefs which consequently begin to shift your reactions and behaviours. I thought I would offer up a deepening into what it looks like for us when we begin to open into Awareness practise.

Essentially what begins to occur as you become the observer of your thoughts and behaviours and begin to consciously shift those that you no longer choose, you are entering into a biological relationship with the new story that you choose to create and your brain. The more you consciously practise shifting the old story and it’s thoughts and behaviours, you are firing new nerve cells in your brain which, when repeated, wire together and suddenly you have a new neural pathway that is aligned with your choices. The old pathways are no longer utilised and fall away. You are literally changing your mind when you choose differently.

Now, this does not stop there.

When you are changing your mind, you are communicating differently to the autonomous nervous system also. In other words, when you are creating a positive mindset that aligns with your truth, you are creating new neural pathways and with those pathways come new positive feelings and emotions, your brain then tells this to your body and you start creating the relevant chemical cocktails in your body which are regenerative and make you feel happy and satisfied in your life. These regenerative hormones allow the body to heal itself and have an all-round positive effect. I am not a biologist or a scientist, but this is my lay-mans terms to give you an explanation of what I have learned through my training with the HeartMath® Institute and all that i have read inluding Dr Joe Dispenza's books amongst others. Dr Joe has hooked thousands and thousands of people up to technology that records brainwaves and electromagnetic fields and who knows what else. His work and findings are truly inspiring and I have been following him for several years now.

Essentially, when I speak of being the conscious creator of your life, this is what I am talking about. You might have heard people speaking of “raising your vibrational frequency” and some of you may be forgiven for thinking this is some new age spiritual hippy bullshit, but I am here to tell you that the science that is out there now is in complete support of this. The HeartMath® Institute have been researching and measuring the Heart and have discovered that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 60 times greater than the electromagnetic field of our brain. They have measured the frequency of the heart during Heart Coherence® practises and Dr Joe has measured the human field in his studies which also incorporate Heart Coherence®. The findings and images are truly remarkable and there is all sorts of information out there for you if you are interested in finding out more.

I believe that we feel before we think, in other words, there is sensory information that triggers the thinking process and creates the thought. We can be hard-wired in many ways through repetition of thinking patterns and consequent behaviours. For example, we have learned that chocolate tastes delicious because we have had it several times. We then experience a sensation in the body that is the same sensation that we receive when we are actually eating chocolate and this sensation triggers the brain into the thought of “I want chocolate,” the next thing you know you’re on your way to the shop. I only use this example because this was literally me yesterday at work. Let’s use another example, a more emotional one.

You meet someone and you get a weird feeling about this person, an actual sensation occurs within you that triggers a thought and you create a judgement of this person. This is a seasoned neural pathway in action. You have experienced that feeling before, probably early on in your childhood and it is associated with a person or experience that impacted you negatively. As you have journeyed through your life this pathway has been in place to warn you about people that may put you at risk. A certain sensation is related to the thought. These pathways may be helpful and we probably don’t want to change some of them, however, when you relate this to negative thinking patterns and recognise that we are truly able to reprogram our minds and change our state of being into one that aligns with what and who we choose, we recognise too that we are then changing our electromagnetic field and vibrational frequency (I shall dive a bit deeper into frequency in another post).

As you then begin to practise firing and wiring nerve cells and consciously creating the you that you choose to be you begin to change yourself at a cellular level, Your entire physical body responds to the new you from you feelings and thoughts down to the cells in the bottom of your feet. Your energy shifts which effects your electromagnetic field and you begin connecting in with higher frequencies and attracting them to you ... this is the law of attraction at work. So why wouldn't you begin changing your mind? Why wouldn't you begin shifting into an entirely new you? Why wouldn't you step into a new paradigm where you begin feeling and thinking differently about yourself and your life and begin attracting from the quantum field the vibration that you choose through your electromagnetic field?

It all comes down to exercise. Just as you practise in other areas of your life, so is this a practise of repetition. The more repetition the stronger the neural pathways that we are creating and soon we it becomes automatic, why, because we have created it in our brains and once the pathway is created it is all super simple.

Look out for my upcoming online event where I am going to dive in and talk about simple ways to change your mind and create magic in your world. I will be diving into deeper conversation and answering any questions. Super excited for this. Anyhow, I hope this helped break it down a little and didn’t create any confusion 😉

Love and Blessings