The Call to Love

Good Morning Friendz …

What a build up it has been to tomorrow’s full Moon!

I don’t know about any of you, but I have felt a density that has left me feeling physically tired; irritable and lacking in patience with myself. It is almost as if I have been fluctuating between Libra’s scales like a pendulum, yet I know too that the centre point of balance is there and I need only to breathe into this space within myself, no matter how challenged I may feel at the time.

I have still remained largely unaffected by the going’s on in the outside world, other than the limitations placed on our movements within the world. I am going for daily walks and swims at the beach; exercising; mostly eating well and doing little things here and there to nurture my Soul. I know, however, that this is not the case for many others as anxiety levels are increasing and I am sensing the restlessness that exists within myself and the collective. I am reading posts with both positive and negative outlooks on what is occurring behind the scenes. I am seeing opinions and perspectives that say that we are being forced into a new world order that is governed by those with ill-intent. As always, we have perspectives from each side of the spectrum with everything in between and this can create such confusion for us if we begin to dive into the multiple rabbit holes available to us.

Personally, I do not know what to believe and also find within belief a sense of futility … and I mean this in the way of placing my trust and faith in anything other than Love. If we feel into the Dreaming nature that is this illusory existence, then nothing is impossible, on either end of the spectrum. In that light, it is all both possible and yet also not essentially real. It reminds me of a quote from A Course in Miracles … “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” What does this mean for us living in these times?

The way that I see it is that only Love is real, and Love cannot be threatened, not even in the face of adversity and potential destruction of a way of life that we have all been so accustomed. Life may shift and change around us, things that do not serve the greater good are most certainly at play, but the truth of Love that exists within; through and around us is something that cannot, in the grand scheme of things, be threatened. This is what I hold myself to in these times of uncertainty and change. It is this Love that I hold so deep within myself that gives me hope and promise of the unlimited possibilities that we, as individuals and collectively, hold. When despair creeps in, and it does at times even for the best of us, there is always the invitation to return to our deepest truth, Love.

Am I idealistic? Perhaps. Yet, in this idealism lies a Dream for a future that has every chance of becoming a reality. One that holds a balance between technology and nature. We have not advanced as a species for no reason. Our technologies have not advanced only to create destruction, separation, and greed. How do I know this? … because, no matter what, there is within our existence polarity. We do not exist in a purely dark or purely light Universe and as much as there is darkness there is light. We have been taught somehow along the way that darkness holds within it forces to be feared, yet fear is simply the lack of Love and the belief that we can be harmed. In truth, Love cannot be harmed. In truth, we are all aspects of the greater Being. In truth, we are eternal. In truth, we are Love.

I invite you, Dear Reader, as always to return to Love. Find forgiveness for those who walk this world locked deep within illusion. Hold balance in your innermost Being and practice daily to nurture all aspects of your Divinity. Be reminded that many who have walked this world have found peace within chaos, salvation within adversity and Heaven deep within the centre of their Hearts. This is available to all that choose it, and no matter what occurs in this world of ours, we are; in truth; Free.

So, as we close in on Full Moon in Libra, perhaps we are invited to cultivate the inner balance that is required to navigate our world and ourselves right now. It is this balance between our own dark and light spaces that brings balance to the world around us. As we change ourselves, we change the world.

Love and Blessings


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