Eagle Speaks

A few nights ago, I could not sleep and felt this urge to sit and write. As I sat outside on the verandah in the warm tropical night listening to the sounds of the night, I began to write. Earlier in the evening, I had created a crystal grid and drawn some cards from two decks asking for insight into the world at the moment. Eagle was ever-present in the cards, just as she has been over the past few weeks. As I wrote, the message shifted and I could feel that these were words from Spirit, gifted to us all as a reminder of how to navigate what is occurring in our world right now ... this is directly from my journal.

"The path is so clear, yet only within the mystery. I recognize my usual ability to project and notice what these visions hold ... much of it Dreaming my own future and I have this moment in me that says that I am being narrow-focused. Eagle is making itself known loud, clear and strong. Snake constantly present with the message to stay grounded and to connect with the Earth Mother. Elephant is calling out also and gifting her message of slowing down to gather strength and nourish the new pillars that must form the structure of the new way. Eagle calls out to take the birds-eye view, to see it all from the greater vision and distanced from it all, or rather ... not becoming tunnel-visioned into one thought, opinion or perspective and rise above the mind into the Higher Heart.

Ascend your own consciousness higher and in so doing you will release the hold of any fears that you may carry in your Heart.

Become evermore present in the Now moments and allow projections to fall away.

Don't confuse projections with the Dream ... the details of the Dream are a mystery and we must now feel the Dream. Hold vision, yes ... but hold lightly to the pictures and firmly to the deeper essence that lies beneath the pictures ... Love.

Call yourself back whenever you must from the pictures and return to the feeling essence.

Get creative!

Paint, draw, sing, dance, sew, write, build, garden ... Create! Create! Create! This is the zero point of creation that takes us into the deeper Dreaming and from here, with ongoing practice, we begin to reshape our inner being and we make the changes that are necessary to change ourselves, for each other and for the world.

Rediscover yourselves and those that you are living with and talking to. Learn patience and start truly listening to one another.

Slow down and do so with calm and peace in your Heart. Do not let the language of this time become the new normal. Hold positive thoughts and begin to learn Love through forgiveness.

Yes, there is darkness at play, but do not let yourself collapse into it. It may seem that we have lost our freedom to move in the world, but this is only confined to our physical movements in the outer reality. It is now time to rediscover the movement that lies within the still spaces, quiet spaces. It is time to meet the movement that lies within each of us and how to utilise that movement in the most loving, kind and compassionate way.

It is time to find freedom in the confines of restriction and from here we find the true strength that lies beyond life as we have known it.

Cease the addiction to listening to what is fed to you from fear-based perspectives and begin to realise the Divine opportunity of what has the potential to arise within you.

Seek Truth only deep within yourself and trust yourself to receive the inner wisdom from the Divinity that exists within you.

You will be a prisoner of circumstance if you allow the fear to penetrate and overwhelm you. Meet your fear with deep questioning and begin to allow Love in. Begin to allow yourself to find the freedom that lives in the centre of your Heart.

Reconnect. Breathe. Feel. Release. Forgive. Love. Feel Gratitude and above all ... begin to truly know Thyself.

The proverbial 'Kingdom of Heaven' lies in the centre of your Heart.

Love and Blessings