Dreaming a New Dream

Hello Beautiful Friendz …

So much has shifted and changed in our world as a collective and it astonishes me just how much my personal world has changed at this particular time in the grand scheme of things. I am no longer in my job roles, have been living mostly out in the bush alongside a creek and I now find myself 629km’s North of my life in Mackay. Two days ago, two of my friends arrived at Cathu, where I have spent much of my time over the past week, and in conversation was inspired to drive North, which I did yesterday. Today I find myself at my beautiful Friend and fire partner Rosie’s home in Mission Beach.

The past four weeks have been a roller-coaster of being called to deeply surrender to the present moment, to allow and trust in the mystery of Life and to recentre the self into alignment with all that is true within. The past eight days, in particular, I have fully retreated and spent most of that time camped alongside the creek and communing with Nature, listening to her whisper on the wind and present in every moment offering insight and information of what is required for the self. As I spent time naked in Her waters drinking in the Sun, I could feel myself opening another layer of the inner Lotus … and I have listened.

Each of us in our own way, are being called to go within, to communicate differently with each other that is both distanced and united all at the same time. I hear the fear, I feel the intensity of it as it feeds my social media and message platforms and I know that now is the time for us to become aware of what we are Dreaming into Being. The world-over is being called into isolation and for many, this is a place of deep discomfort, a place that holds the very core of our personal inner fears that we have not looked at and this can be terrifying. One thing that I have learned though, is that Life never gives us anything that we cannot handle … each and every one of us holds the potential for the most powerful resilience and strength, we simply must learn how to tap into the wealth of support, knowledge and wisdom that surrounds us.

I hear so many people speaking of the horrors and while I do not imagine to know what others are thinking or feeling or going through at this time (and most certainly do not discount this either!), I would like to bring an offering of something lighter and different, that may hold the potential to unlocking a different Dream within those that may need to open the space for other possibilities, that are not fraught with fear of the unknown.

If we can allow ourselves to recognize that this time in our lives is an opportunity to step into the inner work that is required for us to transcend all that we have believed to be true for us in this world, we can open the doorway to an entirely new realm of Being. It is time for us to step into the realm of the bare necessities, simplify, minimalize our consumption, minimalize our impact and return to the Earth and our natural ways. I have heard that all the food seedlings are gone from the shops, Eden Seeds cannot keep up with the orders and people are going out into their yards and planting food gardens. This in itself is an incredibly powerful step forward! The more we are planting our food gardens and placing our hands into the soil, the more we are connecting in with Nature and our sacred Earth Mother. I cannot describe what I have discovered about myself simply through creating gardens over the past few years and connecting in with a deeper understanding of the natural world around me. As we grow our food and reap our harvests there is a profound sense of gratitude and connection that arises from this space. This is something that I find to be so promising of a future that holds newfound respect for our food and our food sources.

Another aspect of this is that people are going to start eating more naturally and lessening their intake of processed foods and the poisons that these carry. We will become healthier and clearer as the toxins begin to fade from the body and new energy can begin to arise. With this comes an awakening to new possibilities of how to live with the Earth and not simply ‘on’ Her. This is where seed saving is now so important as I believe that the seeds are going to become a currency in their own right, as the masses have been shocked into recognizing their vulnerability as they stockpile food for the ‘impending doom’. Such a massive shift in awareness is bound to create new and unforeseen futures that I believe hold the promise of a new wave of consciousness to be born on an individual and collective level.

I hear the stories and the conspiracies and I choose not to buy into that Dream … “What we focus on expands” … this is one of the 22 Universal Principles that Arnold M. Patent has offered into the world in his book You Can Have It All. This is the idea that whatever it is that we focus on expands and grows because that is where we are placing our energy. I have used this analogy that was gifted to me by a Teacher, Mark Bentley, many times in the past and even in my book, “If we focus on the shit that the seed is in, we grow more shit. If we focus on the seed, we grow the seed.”

Think about it this way, the more you focus on the negative in your life internal and external, the more you are creating that for yourself. It is all about perspective, how we are choosing to see the day and everything in it. Never in our lifetime has it been more important for each of us to Dream into and focus on the future that we choose for ourselves. We need to all be focusing in on the seed of our Dreams and how we wish to live in this world as individuals and as a collective. Do we want to continue living in the disharmony that has plagued Humankind for thousands of years, or do we want to find peace within ourselves and with each other?

These are the questions that we should all be asking ourselves right now, the questions that we have been too afraid to ask ourselves because we have been so busy, being busy fitting into what has been deemed normal. We have no normal right now. All so-called normalcy has been suspended as life has shut down all over the world, and life as we know it has changed so dramatically that people are both divided in their opinions, but united in the experience. If we can open ourselves to the unity that exists within this experience and encourage and support each other to Dream differently, we have the power to create great changes that will support us and life on our home planet in a way that serves us ALL.

So, my invitation to you Dear Reader, is to seek out the spaces that you have avoided for so long. Find within yourself the answers to the questions that you have held at bay for all these years, and open your awareness to the limitless possibilities of what we have the opportunity to create, while the structures that have long held us in place begin to shift and change.

We are each powerful in our own right, in whichever way it is that we serve Great Spirit, and now is the time to meet our Truth. To know ourselves and to recognize the ways that no longer serve us and to find the strength of Universal Love that lies at the center of each and every one of us.

Shift your thinking, enter fully into this Dream that seems like a nightmare for some, and begin to Dream consciously. It is time for us to come home to the Dreaming nature that is this Life.

Love and Blessings