Beyond Fear

Hello Friendz …

In my previous posts I have shared how I am largely unaffected by the goings on in the outside world at this present time, however, I must also note that the fear creeps in every now and then for me too. Over the past years, as I have lived so far from my loved ones, I remember having, what I then thought were random thoughts, about some global event that would separate me from my family. In this dream, I had no way of returning to them and, just like some epic adventure movie, I would need to take a massive journey to be reunited with those that I love … and then, lo and behold, here we are in these times where part of this vision is a reality. Was this some form of premonition or guidance from Spirit? Perhaps. At this stage, it is in part playing out and I truly hope that the rest of it was simply my imagination adding to the story.

I have had moments where I have lain in bed at night, the fear rising with a panic that has my Heart beating hard and fast in my chest, and all I can do is breathe through it. Is this my fear? Is it the fear that I sense in the world? Is it the headlines, stories and videos or conversations with others? It is all of it, I suppose, compounding with layer upon layer of a fear-based reality that I simply do not choose for myself and yet, in these moments, fear arises that I have no control over. I know I must simply keep calling myself back; keep aligning with the truth in my Heart; keep holding myself and all else in Love; and do my utmost to not collapse into all that I do not choose to hold for me. This is easier said than done at times, even though I am mostly positive, and I realise that I must build my resilience even more and deepen my personal practise in order to strengthen my inner resolve against the forces that threaten to tear down the structures upon which I have built my inner being.

I am so grateful for all of the inner work that I have done over the years to reach the place that I am at within myself and know that now is not the time for complacency, now is the time to truly step up; step in; surrender and trust in the process. Yet, the process itself lies deep within the mystery of Life and the road ahead is unclear. The only place that I know that solace lies, is being present with all that is moving within me. I must allow myself the space to feel; express and move whatever it is that I am feeling and experiencing in the moment. I must eat well; rest well; breathe; meditate; dance; train my body; exercise my mind; and in all ways surrender to the Love that lies at the centre of my Being. I must build my capacity to ascend my consciousness above all the fear-based information and hold firm and strong in the freedom that I know exists within me, even in the most confined, restricted and captive situations.

Each of us are alive today, in these times, because we have our roles to play in this world … no matter how big or how small. Each of us have the ability to Dream the new Dream, but we must choose to see the world through the eyes of Love and move beyond the fear. We must cultivate our ability to Dream differently and recognise that our thoughts, our words, our actions, determine our reality and, in this, we add our Dreaming to the collective Dream. If we are all focusing in on fear, we are creating and manifesting more of the same. If we all begin to choose a different Dream, a Dream of a future that benefits us all and our sacred Earth, then we are placing power into the spaces that are needed to create the change that we seek. So many of us feel powerless to create change in the world. So many of us believe that the powers that be in the world have control, and it certainly appears that way, yet what so many of us have not realised is that if we can come together in solidarity with Love as our driving force, we become more powerful than we have ever thought possible.

How do we do this? How do we start to meet each other anew when we are now in the greatest separation of our times? We start with ourselves. We start to meet ourselves differently. We begin to recognise that we are enough; that we are worthy; that we are beautiful; that we are strong; that we are powerful; that we are all that we have ever needed and then we start seeing this in those that we are close to. We start meeting our loved ones in recognition of the truth of who they are. We start recognising that those that are ‘strangers’ in the world hold just the same as we do. We start to see that those that ‘rule’ the world are also in their own suffering that drives their greed and destruction. We start to know that no matter what happens, this life is not all that there is, that we are far greater than the bodies, minds and Hearts that we think we are. We start to see that we are expansive and connected to all Life in the entirety of the Universe and, in this way, we begin to return to the Divine within ourselves … we return to Great Spirit in our own unique ways.

Friendz … remember, who you are. Not who you have thought yourself to be, but who you are in truth. You are a Divine Being made of all the same stuff that the Universe is made of. You are not separate; you are so Divinely connected to all things. You are important. You are worthy. You are strong. You are compassion. You are whole. You are powerful. You are Life itself expressed into this world, and you have the ability to Dream the new Dream. Notice where you are placing your energy, because your energy contains power and your power can add to the greater Dreaming of a new way that supports us all in a Life of peace, harmony and Love.

Wishing you all Love in your Hearts.

Love and Blessings


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