Tatz Holmes is a Holistic Therapist,Medicine Woman, Fire & Dance Artist in Airlie Beach, Queensland

Group Work

I have created various workshops and programs to support people to come together in a compassionate space and to overcome social barriers.

Some of these programs have been developed to support young people in highlighting the effects of bullying, abuse in its many forms, and to teach them how to build inner resilience.  I work with young people at risk through sharing my story and connecting with them from a Heart-centred approach of lived experience.

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I work therapeutically with individuals young and old, couples and families to create positive change within themselves and their relationships by opening up perspectives, working with simple and effective strategies to begin literally changing your mind and co-creating ways in which to move forward in alignment with individual values and integrity.

I offer resilience training through scientifically researched methods of creating coherence in our day-to-day lives, which has proven benefits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I teach you how to be the change that you seek.


Workshops & Retreats

I have various workshops and retreats that I have created drawing upon all the teachings that have supported me on my journey that are offered in person and also as online experiences.


I only offer the fundamental teachings and practises that are the foundation for my healing process and underpin the values that I carry in my own life.  I bring the expansive range of personal research and training that I have undergone that adds value to my work and the methods that I use to explore mental and emotional processes.